Lewermark Student Insurance: Your Guide to Comprehensive Coverage

Lewermark Student Insurance

LewerMark Student Insurance emerges as a prominent provider catering to the unique needs of international students, ensuring they have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage while pursuing their education in the United States. Their plans are tailored to support the well-being, academic success, and financial security of students from abroad, which is crucial given the high costs associated with healthcare in the U.S. The coverage goes beyond basic medical needs, covering a spectrum of health-related services to provide a safety net for international students during their studies.

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Understanding the intricacies of health insurance policies can be challenging for international students due to differences in healthcare systems. LewerMark makes this easier by providing clear information and resources that help them find covered healthcare providers and understand the factors influencing health insurance costs. Their dedicated services are structured to guide students through the maze of insurance regulations, offering peace of mind with robust support and counseling services.


The insurance plans offered by LewerMark are designed with a deep understanding of the international student’s lifestyle and needs. This comprehensive international student health insurance offers 24/7 medical assistance, mental health support, and other essential services, recognizing the importance of holistic support for academic success. Through these tailored insurance plans, LewerMark plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and wellness of international students while they embark on their educational journey in unfamiliar territories.


Understanding Lewermark Student Insurance

Insurance Options

Lewermark provides a variety of insurance options to cater to the diverse needs of international students. These plans are designed to be flexible, providing essential coverage while keeping in mind the concerns around affordability and accessibility.

  • Tiered Plans: Students can select from multiple levels of coverage to suit their medical insurance needs and budget.
  • Custom Plans: Some institutions may offer custom plans that are specifically designed for their student population.

Coverage and Benefits

The coverage and benefits of Lewermark student insurance are intended to meet the healthcare requirements, offering a layer of financial security and peace of mind.

  • Medical Insurance: Students are covered for eligible medical expenses with provisions for both in-network and out-of-network services.
  • Preventive Care: Benefits include coverage for preventive care services, which are crucial for maintaining health.

Key Highlights:

  • In-Network: Typically, 100% of the Allowed Charge after copay
  • Out-of-Network: May involve higher out-of-pocket costs
  • Student Health Center Visits: Lower or no copay in most cases

Support Services

Lewermark takes pride in offering robust support services to international students, ensuring they have the necessary guidance and assistance to navigate the U.S. healthcare system.

Assistance Includes:

  • Customer Service: Students can reach out for help regarding their insurance plans, coverage details, and claims processes.
  • Educational Resources: Lewermark provides educational materials to help students understand their insurance plans better.
  • Efficient Claim Processing: The aim is to handle claims swiftly to reduce the stress of medical expenses.

By understanding the insurance options, coverage and benefits, and support services provided by Lewermark Student Insurance, international students can feel confident in their healthcare choices during their educational journey in the United States.

Eligibility and Enrollment

A group of students lining up to enroll in Lewermark student insurance

LewerMark makes obtaining student insurance straightforward for students. The eligibility and enrollment processes are designed to cater specifically to the needs of students engaged in academic pursuits away from their home country.

Age and Education Level

Enrollment in LewerMark student insurance is tailored to accommodate individuals pursuing higher education — primarily those attending college or university. Eligible candidates must fall within a certain age range, typically between 18 and 65 years old, to ensure the plans are relevant to the student demographic. Age restrictions are set to align with the typical college-attending populace and ensure a community of peers.

Semester Enrollment

Eligibility is also contingent on a student’s enrollment status for the semester. Active enrollment in a higher education institution is critical, as the coverage is intended to span each semester or term. International students must be able to demonstrate an association with an educational institution for the period they seek coverage. This requirement reaffirms that the insurance is fulfilling its purpose — to support the health and wellness needs of students while they are engaged in academic activities.

Cost and Payment Details

When evaluating student insurance plans, it is vital to understand the specific costs involved, such as deductibles and coinsurance. These factors directly affect how much a student will pay out-of-pocket for medical services.

Understanding Deductibles

A deductible is the amount a student must pay each policy year before the insurance plan begins to cover medical expenses. For instance, if a student’s plan has a $300 deductible, they are responsible for the first $300 of covered medical costs annually. It is essential for students to know their deductible amount as it impacts their overall expenses.

Coinsurance and Other Costs

Coinsurance is the percentage of covered medical costs that a student must pay after meeting their deductible. For example, a plan might have a 20% coinsurance, meaning the student pays 20% of medical expenses while the insurance pays the remaining 80%. Other costs can include co-pays for doctor visits or prescription drugs. These additional out-of-pocket expenses are generally fixed amounts and vary depending on the plan.

Healthcare Services and Providers

Healthcare providers and services logo next to Lewermark student insurance card

LewerMark student insurance ensures that international students have access to a network of healthcare providers for both general and specialty care. Coverage includes a spectrum of medical and mental health services to support the wellbeing of students during their studies in the United States.

Accessing Medical Care

When international students need medical attention, they can find a doctor or pharmacy within the Aetna Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network included in their plan, allowing them to receive care at a reduced cost. For medical emergencies, students should go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call the local emergency number. Insurance identification should be presented along with knowledge that admissions for emergencies are typically covered.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is critical to a student’s success, and LewerMark recognizes the importance of accessible mental health resources. Students have options including Teladoc for confidential therapy and mental health services that accommodate their unique needs. My SSP provides immediate access to counselors for mental health support, while TogetherAll offers a safe online community for students to share and support one another’s mental wellbeing.

Additional Benefits and Resources

A student happily receives a package with a Lewermark insurance card and a booklet of additional benefits and resources

LewerMark offers a variety of supplemental benefits that provide international students with additional security and resources beyond basic health coverage. These benefits aim to ensure not only the health but also the overall well-being and readiness of students studying abroad.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Make Your Mark Scholarship Contest is an initiative by LewerMark that encourages international students to showcase their goals and aspirations. Through this contest, students have the opportunity to secure financial assistance for their education. Scholarship recipients benefit from a monetary award, aiding them both academically and financially, thus offering peace of mind with respect to school-related expenses.

Travel Assistance

LewerMark provides comprehensive travel assistance services to address the various uncertainties of studying abroad. This includes trip protection insurance which covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, and associated inconveniences such as loss of luggage and loss of passport. In the unfortunate event of serious medical emergencies, LewerMark’s travel assistance extends to medical evacuation, ensuring that students receive necessary medical care promptly. Additionally, in the direst of circumstances, the service covers repatriation of mortal remains, providing solace and certainty that students’ final wishes are respected.

Frequently Asked Questions

A group of students gather around a table, reading and discussing a pamphlet titled "Frequently Asked Questions Lewermark student insurance."

This section addresses common inquiries regarding LewerMark student insurance, designed to assist students in navigating their insurance options and accessing necessary information efficiently.

How do I access the LewerMark student insurance provider portal?

Students can access the LewerMark student insurance provider portal by visiting the LewerMark Student Support page. First-time users will be prompted to select and answer a security question for password recovery purposes.

Where can I find reviews for LewerMark student insurance?

Reviews for LewerMark student insurance can typically be found on university websites, forums, and independent insurance review sites. Prospective users should seek out feedback from current or past policyholders for authentic insights.

What are the contact details for LewerMark student insurance customer service?

LewerMark student insurance customer service can be reached at 800-821-7710 during business hours or by email. Detailed contact information is available in their FAQ document or on the provider’s website.

How can I purchase LewerMark student insurance?

Students can enroll in LewerMark student insurance through their respective school’s insurance page if it is offered as part of their school’s insurance plans, or directly through the LewerMark website.

What coverage options are available under LewerMark OPT insurance?

LewerMark OPT insurance typically provides students with a range of coverage options, including basic health services and possibly extended coverage for prescriptions and mental health services, according to the plan summary available from the provider.

Does LewerMark student insurance offer dental coverage and what does it include?

LewerMark student insurance offers optional individual dental and vision plans. These can be enrolled in at any point throughout the year and are separate from the main health plan, as mentioned on The University of Akron’s website.

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